The Orpington is an older breed and one of the ancestors of the Australorp, one of the better commercial egg layers.  Originating in Britain the bird is a prolific layer, averaging 200 to 220 eggs per year.  A true dual purpose bird the Orpington has a good carcass along with the good egg laying abilities.  The birds are fairly calm and lazy.

The bird came from the South East England town of Orphington, Kent. Despite its large size the birds are able to fly for short distances. 

They are good mothers if you are wanting to raise chicks naturally. They will go broody easily as well.  These days the  Orpington  is used more as a show bird than a commercial breed or backyard flock favorite.

They have soft and heavy feathering so are good for cold areas and range from buff and blue to black, and white. Roosters weigh around 6 to 10 pounds, hens around 5 to 7 pounds.



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