Why Make a Website about Chicken Feeders?


A chicken feeder is probably  the first real equipment  bought once someone gets serious about raising chickens as the cost of feed is going to be their biggest expense once the coop is built.  Yes, some will want an automatic door but a feeder is going to make or break the operation by saving feed or wasting feed, keeping the feed clean or allowing chickens and vermin to soil the feed, or having a healthy flock or a flock with chronic health issues.

But when I started  looking around for my first chicken equipment  all the companies say they have  the best feeder or the best automatic door or the best meal worms… so backyard flock owners and small farmers needed a place to find the best equipment and give feedback on what they bought.

I thought it would help others if I documented what I found when shopping for my first real chicken feeder.   Enjoy the  website  and contribute with comments if you have more information.

And for the record we do not use affiliate links in our reviews nor do we have any sort of monetary interest in recommending anything over anything else.

We do not accept feeders in exchange for reviews so please do not email us asking to send us products of any kind.

If your product got a harsh review, perhaps spending your time and money fixing the problems would be a better use of your resources.