An American breed, the Wyandotte was developed in the 1870’s and named for an American Indian tribe, the Wyandots.  A dual purpose breed it lays brown eggs and has a yellow skinned carcass.  They are popular as show birds and was originally known as the American  Sebright.   They are great for backyard flocks as they are easy birds to keep.   They are large birds, usually five to eight pounds or more.  Deep well rounded breasts, a wide back, clean un feathered legs, and a broad skull with a rose comb.  Skin and legs are yellow, red ear lobes, face, and wattles. 

They will lay around 180 to 200 eggs per year and are an excellent carcass bird.  The hens will get broody and are good mothers.  Their soft feathers make the a cold tolerant bird and a good free range bird.   Coloration ranges from white, gold laced, and silver laced but there are black, buff, and Columbian colored birds.



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