It would be too easy to assume this breed originated in Poland but while it is a European breed it is believed to have came from the Netherlands. The name appears to have come from the Middle Dutch word Poi which means head, referring to the breed’s unique dome shaped skull.  They have a crest of feathers that covers almost the entire head due to a protuberance on the top of their skull.  They have small V shaped combs,  and white ear lobes

Primarily a show bird they come in bearded and non bearded varities but will lay a decent amount of eggs.  Most hens won’t go broody.  They come in black, bule, buff, golden, white, and silver with frizzled feathers.  Rooster will weigh as much as five pounds, hens as much as four pounds and they lay white eggs.

The birds have been featured in numerous paintings from the  15th century forward and were introduced to the U.S in the mid nineteenth century.




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