Hanging Feeders

Trigger Happy Feeder   


Not really a feeder but an inexpensive device that you purchase and install in a bucket.  The trigger fits in a hole, chickens peck at the device, and it moves around and dribbles feed down on to the floor or in a pan you place under the bucket.  The problem is that wild birds and rats quickly learn to jump up and hit the trigger and spill feed on the ground.

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Roamwild Pest Off Rat Proof Chicken Feeder  

Oh dear… this is one of the worst feeders out on the market and to say otherwise would be wrong. It is a plastic contraption with a metal guard and it has a host of problems and why Amazon allows it to be sold despite the poor reviews and returns is unknown.  Originally a UK product, made in China, it is being dumped on the U.S. market to clear their inventory.  The price keeps dropping though…

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No Waste Chicken Feeder  


It is pretty tough figuring out what the name of this feeder is so we went with what was printed on the feeder.  It is called a very long hyphenated name ending with -Grain in Bucket-.  It is sold on Amazon and on the company’s own website and basically it is a square plastic bucket with some PVC elbows.  If it isn’t looking good so far, well it gets worse. And it sells for $59.95, for a bucket with PVC elbows stuck in it.  Worse, chickens have to put their entire head and neck into the thing to eat way down in the dark.

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