PVC Pipe Style Feeders

Dine a Chook   


These are made in Australia and available through the company’s website or on Ebay.  Basically a length of PVC pipe with a custom cap on each end.  If you have no problems with wild birds or rodents they are certainly cheaper than a treadle feeder and have a smaller foot print.

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Royal Rooster Poultry Feeder 

Another PVC feeder that has been battling it out for market share in Australia and in the U.S..  Available on Amazon and Ebay.  The main difference between this feeder and the Dine a Chook is this one has a few plastic grids or separators  that might help on feed raking hens.  It is designed to be hung on a wall or coop fence.

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Rent a Coop PVC Poultry Feeder 

This PVC feeder at least is more than a PVC sewage pipe.  It is a square PVC box of sorts with a PVC sewage elbow turning down into the feed bucket like the ubiquitous bucket feeders.  It is available on Amazon and is designed to hang from the coop side or it can be mounted on a wall.

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