Rats, Wild Birds, and Vermin Control

One of the largest challenges on raising chickens is keeping the vermin at bay.   Chickens don’t attract rats and wild birds but their feed certainly does.   This page is devoted to dealing with rats, wild birds, squirrels, mice, or just about every other type of vermin that might bother your flock.gs and  sanitation brings a quick payback.


Feed and Water

Keeping clean feed and clean water in front of your animals is another challenge, especially in cold weather.  Then there are all the different types of feed available commercially, home raised feed, table scraps, what do you feed and what do you not feed?  Nutrition advice and the best equipment for a backyard flocks.


Coops and Runs

Gotta have a safe place for the birds to hang out.   This page holds the blogs about housing a flock of any size.  Chicken tractors, homemade coops, prefab coops, all sorts of housing is covered that a backyard chicken enthusiast might want to consider before buying their first chicks or adult birds.  All sizes, all types, all kind of budgets covered.


Parasites, Diseases, and  First Aid for Chickens

People don’t think about parasites or an injured bird till they have sick birds or dying birds.  Topics covered include general sanitation, killing parasites, first aid for injuries,  medicating sick birds, and when to either call a vet or put a bird down.  Not something you want to be unprepared for!


Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs is a great way to expand your flock or start the flock.  Newborn chicks are cheap to buy though and come vaccinated but if you already have adult hens and a rooster you can brew your own.

It doesn’t take much equipment, chicks can be hatched in expensive incubators or using a homemade incubator made from light bulbs and a hot water thermostat..


Caring for Baby Chicks

Once your purchased chicks have arrived or you have hatched them you will have a couple of weeks of careful attention before the chicks are feathered out enough to stay in the coop. 

Homemade brooders can be as simple as a cardboard box and a light bulb with container lids used for feeders or you can spend cash on fancy equipment



We aren’t the only ones that think chickens are tasty.  Whether you live in town or in the boonies there is no shortage of wild animals and domestic pets that will kill chickens if they can get to them. 

Some predators like weasels will kill for the sport of it and leave the birds uneaten. Or your neighbor’s lovely pets might not be as lovely as you think.


Egg Laying 101

You’re raising chickens for something and it is costing you money so you just as well get some eggs.  It might come to a shock to some that eggs don’t really come in spiffy Styrofoam or paper/pulp cartons.

While almost all breeds will lay eggs there are some breeds that are more productive and you will need to be feeding them correctly for best production.


Chicken Psychology 101

Understanding your flock is going to help decipher what their needs are and how to handle them more easily.    Chickens might well be descendants of the dinosaurs but they are prey animals and function off instinct mostly but are capable of learning behaviors.

You might not teach them to play the piano but you can learn to take advantage of  instinctive behaviors.


All About Meat Birds

A lot of people will be surprised that a hen that has outlived her  egg laying days isn’t going to make a good chicken dinner.  Most older chickens are quite tough unless carefully prepared in the right manner to make the meat palatable.

Luckily there are meat birds, bred for fast weight gain, impressive feed conversion ratios, and larger breast meat.


Changing  Local Chicken   Ordinances

If you are unlucky enough to live in one of the less progressive cities you might find that backyard chickens are banned.  If you are going to think about fighting City Hall to change the ordinances you better not be a chicken about it.

Politicians are usually entrenched on issues like this unless it is perfectly safe to stick their necks out and not make enemies.



Chickens can get  body pests like lice and mites that can make them weak and sick, even interfering with egg laying in extreme cases.  There is even a species of tick that will suck blood from poultry.

Chickens can also get several types intestinal worms, be bothered by ants and flies.  Some of these pests can also transfer to humans and cause severe health risks if allowed to go unchecked.


Chicken Breeds

Want to learn about the different breeds of chickens?   Look no further than this section and we will walk you through the most common chicken breeds and some unusual breeds too.   Some of the breeds are best suited for different purposes or climates or living conditions.


Exhibition, Genetics and Breeding

There are folks that live for the breeding and exhibition of prize poultry breeds. And unlike race horses or even dogs almost anyone will be able to find reasonably priced genetic stock of show quality and improve upon the breeds without going broke. 


Best Places to Buy Chickens

You need a good foundation for any project and raising chickens is no different.   Find out the best places to purchase adult birds and newborn chicks.   Spending a little  more in the beginning is going to compound the enjoyment and pride in the flock at little more expense.


 Poultry Show!

Nothing but chicken porn here.   Pictures of gorgeous hens and roosters.   You might want to browse this section first before deciding on  a particular breed to purchase for your own flock.

Not all of these breeds are going to be practical but they will be unusual and no doubt  something to envy.