Plymouth Rock


The Plymouth Rock breed is of American descent, first seen in Massachusetts in the 1800’s.  For much of the early 19th century is was a very popular dual purpose breed due to a good carcass and brown eggs.  It handles cold well and is not a flighty or nervous bird.  The bird is partly responsible for modern commercial broilers as it was used to breed some of the varieties.  They are good mothers, lay around 160 to 180 eggs per year, and live fairly long lives.  Some varieties are better at laying eggs than meat, have along broad back with deep full breasts, yellow skin and legs.. 

Their faces are red with red ear lobes, yellow beak, and a single comb.   Fairly soft feathered so they are good in cold weather and they will become broody if allowed to fill a nest with eggs. They are a fairly tame bird and not very aggressive.  They are barred color, white with bluish tinge, black, buff, and white.  Roosters will weight around seven to eight pounds, hens around six to seven pounds.  They make a good backyard breed due to their excellent temperament.



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