Originating in the Netherlands around the 14th century,  the Hamburg chicken  is small but very good layers, up to 220 small eggs per year.  They mature quickly and have excellent feed to egg conversion ratio.  There are around ten varietes of Hamburgs including the silver spangled and gold spangled types.  They tend to be nervous birds and while ornamental in nature they are good foragers.   the silver and golden spangled variety. The Hamburg display a high tendency to be nervous around people. Though ornamental in nature, the Hamburg is an efficient forager.

Colors can be black with a greenish sheen, penciled colors with white ear lobes,  silver spangled, golden penciled, silver penciled, golden spangled, black,  and white.   They mature

Rooster will weight around five pounds, hens around four pounds.  There are also bantam varieties.  The hens lay white eggs.





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