The Frizzle is of Asian descent and is a purely exhibition breed, actually more of a variation of a breed than a breed on its own. It is docile, and can be hardy and suitable for free range or poorly mobile and require confinement.   Some varieties are not  good layers, others are excellent layers. The plumage of the Frizzle gives the breed its name as it curls tightly backwards towards the head.

There is actually  a gene responsible for the frizzled feathers and it shows up in several breeds.

Their are bantam and larger varieties.  Blue, black, buff, or white are the normal colors. 

Bantam type roosters weigh about a pound and a half, hens about one and a quarter pounds.   Standard frizzle roosters will weight as much as seven pounds and hens five pounds.  The hens lay light brown eggs.

As the gene is responsible for the frizzled feathers you really can’t lay out exact characteristics as the frizzled feathers is the only real determining factor.  Generally the actual breed of the bird will have more to do with the characteristics of the individual bird.




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