Faverolles were developed in North Central France in the 1860’s as ornamental birds.

Faverolles are friendly birds and very god layers.  There are two varieties, Ermine and Salmon colored.  They are a heavy breed of bird, have feathered feet, beards, muffs, leg feathering, and five toes per foot.   They do well in coops or free range, they even do well in battery cages as they are excellent layers and tolerate confinement.  Mostly kept as ornamental birds they were bred for dual purpose use and have good laying abilities and good meat carcasses.  The hens lay well in winter and put out medium sized pinkish or light brown eggs. 

The roosters are fairly quiet and the birds are known for being very docile to the point where they will get bullied in mixed flocks.   They make good pets for this very reason.      As a dual purpose breed they lay well and produce meat birds efficiently.  .

There are several varieties, black, laced, blue, buff, cuckoo (bluish white barred, or irregular light and dark barred), salmon, and ermine.

Roosters will weight eight pounds, hens seven pounds.  The hens lay light brown eggs, around 240 eggs per year.




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