Indian Game

Indian Game


  Originating from Cornwall England the Indian Game is  also known as Cornish Game.  They are stocky birds bred for meat production rather than eggs.   They will lay between 160 and 180 eggs per year.     As their feathers are fairly light they need winter protection.  They can be fairly aggressive birds but are fairly easy to handle.  They are also susceptible to parasites and require frequent worming and delousing.  


Varieties are Dark Indian (black with green, bay, or chestnut), Jubilee Indian (chestnut brown with white splotches), and Doubled Laced (blue and brown shades).
Roosters will weight almost five pounds, hens between three and four pounds.  The hens lay brown eggs.

There are bantam varieties as well.   The birds were bred from Asian game fowl  and English game fowl in an effort to produce a superior fighting chicken but instead the got a superior meat bird.




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