One of the oldest bantam breeds with the earliest historical records coming from 14th century Britain.  They showed up in America around 1849.




The Rosecomb is a true bantam, not a miniaturized version of larger bird.  They tend to be a nervous and easily excited bird.   They are known for good meat considering the size of the bird, not really a meat bird, and they aren’t the best egg layers.  Selective breeding has produced a bird that has reproductive problems and is nearly unsuitable for anything other than show birds.

The breed is mostly used for show bird fanciers.    They have large tail feathers, white ear lobes, bright red face and wattles, and a large rose comb that extends backward.  There are over 25 varieties but  three main varieties, black, white, and blue.

The roosters usually have low fertility, the hens are rarely broody and rarely capable of setting eggs or raising chicks.  The chicks have high mortality rates as well.   Full grown birds tend to be hardy and good fliers.
Roosters will weight around 1.5 pounds, hens just around a pound.  They lay white or cream colored eggs.



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