One of the most popular American breeds, the Leghorn will produce up to 320 eggs per year and very important in commercial egg production.  There are around 24 recognized varieties, some that are favored by research labs.   Originating from Italy it has been selectively bred to the point that the hens are rarely broody and is a very active and a good free range chicken.

The Leghorn originates from Italy around 1828 and selective breeding has produced  a rarely broody, active, and excellent free ranging bird.   They don’t make good pets as they are easily excited and they are a noisy bird.   They aren’t a large breed bird, more of a medium size with soft feathers.  There are 13 colors recognized from black to blue, brown buff, white to mottled.  Roosters will weight around 6 pounds, hens will weigh around 5 pounds, laying white eggs.




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