Brahama Chickens


 Originating from large birds brought to the U.S. from Shanghai,  Brahama birds are large and very versatile.   The original stock was extremely large, as much as 18 pounds for roosters and 13 pounds for hens.  The bird was the main meat bird for the U.S between 1850 and the 1930’s.   They will go broody, are calm and friendly birds that tolerate cold weather.  The roosters are generally not aggressive toward humans.


They great around children as they are calm and not skittish.    They are docile and easily trained to be handled easily.    

The birds are large with soft feathers in black, white, buff, dark, and light colors with feathered legs and feet
Roosters will weigh around twelve pounds and hens around ten pounds.  4.0 pounds Hen 2.0 pounds




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