Royal Rooster PVC Poultry Feeder   

Selling at   Amazon for $54.99

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These feeders are very small capacity feeders, less than a gallon and a quarter for this version.  They are basic PVC sewage pipe with a few custom caps for the top and bottom.

There are plenty of negative reviews online as well as quite a few positive reviews, around one half negative to one half positive.  Yet Amazon is one of the worst examples of fake positive reviews or offering people free products in return for reviews.’

Royal Rooster went further than Dine a Chook and actually claims that rats, mice, and wild birds cannot steal feed from their feeder.  Heck, it is wide open, no door, no treadle, of course vermin can access the feed.

The feeders are claimed to be “suitable” for four to six chickens, but at just over five pounds of feed you would be refilling the feeder every three to five days and you need a funnel to get the feed in the dang thing.

The reviews on the Royal Rooster PVC poultry feeder have a lot of complaints about feed jamming and chickens going hungry, squirrels chewing holes and emptying the feeder,  sparrows by the dozen lining up to eat out of the feeder,  the feeder leaking and the feed getting wet and moldy,  and small birds like quail would manage to dump 80% of the feed out on the ground.
The predominant complaint was feed clumping after getting wet.  Many dissatisfied customers said that the only way to remove the feed was to take the feeder apart and whack it on the ground to get the feed out.  Many others reported their hens ignoring the feeder and begging for feed due to the feed clogging and the lower feed tray being empty.  And having to bring the feeder in at night.  While I would love to see a reasonably priced chicken feeder for $55.00, this isn’t it.  It is within ten bucks of a top of the line treadle feeder that is rodent proof, water proof, and will hold many times more pounds of feed.
If you look at the price per pound of feed these PVC sewage pipe feeders are exorbitantly expensive and even the majority of the positive reviews mention the need to shake the feeder daily to avoid clogged feeders and hungry chickens.