Royal Rooster PVC Poultry Feeder   

Selling at   Amazon for $39.95

This is another pvc feeder but at least it isn’t a sewage pipe but a purpose made pvc box, most likely a fence post of some kind. It weighs 5.5 pounds.

It is another small feeder, ten pounds capacity, 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 17″.  It claims it “deters” wild bird proof and rodents and that it is waterproof but like all pvc elbow feeders it will have condensation inside the elbow and wet the feed.

It does warn that birds need to be a minimum of 12 weeks old to avoid being trapped in the elbow.

It is very professional looking and holds about two gallons of feed, enough for four birds for ten days.

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The quality is good, the unit is sturdy.  It is new on the market with only 15 review at this time. The negative reviews are the same as other pvc elbow feeders, chickens do not like sticking their head and neck deep into a feeder and being vulnerable.  Chickens are constantly alert and scanning for dangers, they are a prey species.  The other complaints are roosters not using the feeder and ducks have a difficult time getting their bill down into the elbow to scoop up feed, it clogs a lot and requires shaking or knocks on the side to get the feed to flow under the elbow, and that it takes a lot of time for chickens to begin to use the feeder.
The ratio of negative reviews to positive reviews is 2 to 9 or 22% negative reviews and that is not good for a chicken feeder.  You will have a tiny number of flat out nut jobs or OCD types, I repeat myself, but it ought to be under 5% on a well designed product.  As the product gains reviews you are going to see the same complaints for leaking,  rats and wild birds getting in the feeder, squirrel chewing through the feeder, feed waste, slow learning on the chickens part, along with all the other complaints against the pvc elbow/bucket feeders.  Perhaps not the tough to remove lids that break fingernails or require the feeder being taken inside to warm up in the winter before the lid can be removed.