Precision Pet Wood Treadle Feeder

Selling for $65.20 on Amazon and Walmart
Selling for $77.14 on Ebay

 This feeder is amazingly bad according to the online reviews.  The dimensions are  21.4 x 18.8 x 3.8 inches  and it weighs 18.4 pounds and holds 36 pounds of feed but only 18 of the reviews are positive and many of them point out the negatives of the feeder and say how to compensate for them.   The negative reviews are at 48, the majority are one star reviews that do everything but curse the product and the seller. 


Below are some of the more colorful reviews:



62% negative reviews, probably a record for Amazon

Some of the positive reviewers replaced some of the hardware and added lock nuts and were pleased with the product.  They had someone in the family that was a woodworker or handy at things to help put the product together, 15 pieces in the box that need assembled.

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on August 18, 2013
We were so excited about this item. thought we would be teaching our chickens how to perform on Broadway by now… but sadly, they figured it out and broke it twice in one day. It is too flimsy to give to grown hens so I would suggest young ducks or younger chickens. Each board is fine but the pieces that hold it together and the primed screw holes just don’t make it through a single day. I finally took it to our professional handy man $55 to put it together again (third go round) and that is almost what the thing costs… and it was kaput by the end of the day. So … no… but work it out and it could be great.

star reviews that do everything but curse the product and the seller. 



on June 21, 2014
I was SO EXCITED when my chicken feeder arrived. After opening the box (that had no instructions) I now understand why many people shy away from on line ordering…. ITS JUNK. My 5 year old could build one that would be of better quality. holes that dont match up for assembly, the plywood is twisted and I am sure that the feeder will fall apart once rain does tough it! Dont spend the money go to your local feed store and buy what they have it will save you head ache, money and time..

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on November 5, 2014

This is the worst product I have ever purchased. It is so heavy and cumbersome to the chickens. It frightens them to death, and they would rather starve than be scared to death. I followed the suggested plan, one week all open, two weeks half open, and the two went to over a month. The chicken are still scared of it. It is good for kindling wood only. Don’t buy this product. Get the Proper Grandpa’s Feeder which is made from metal. Chickens do really well with it.


on December 12, 2014
The arms on the lid are very thin and broke within 3 days. It won’t last if it’s not under cover. There are no side guards, if chickens are gathered around it eating and they are on the side of it and the one on the front step moves off, the chicken eating from the side will get it’s head stuck. Not safe, I am not happy with it at all. I ended up taking the broken lid and side arms off. It’s just a food bin now.


on January 12, 2016
This might keep out sparrows but mice and rats will have a field day with it. After putting it together ( the wood was not marked) directions left a great deal to be desired. I had a good Half inch gap on the top of the feed covering part of the treadle. Had to flip it upside down to make it cover the feed. This has a very light almost balsa wood that will be gone overnight by a mouse or rat. The treadle parts are very flimsy also. The lid does not fit flush with the top. I will have to change the hinge assembly to make if fit flush. Good 1/4 ” or more slot there. It will have to be an inside protected place as water resistant or waterproof it’s not. Glad I only wasted money on one. I a journeyman toolmaker. So I like things to fit correctly and be square. Buy a metal one. Spend $30 more for a long lasting one


on October 8, 2016
This item needed complete assembly. The wood was warped and nothing fit together. The assembly instructions had very little detail. The package said “easy assembly” but it should say ” assembles easily with additional cutting, your own glue and extra screws , lots of hammering and three to four hours of your time”…Now, let’s hope the darn thing works to keep the wild birds out of the chicken feed….


on July 10, 2015
This feeder does not come with teaching instructions. It took about six weeks to get them to “figure it out.” I had to drill holes into the side of box to prop the lid up to teach them where their food was. I had to use drywall screws to put it together after I forgot one of the internal pieces and had to reassemble it because the supplied screw nuts pulled out. I purchased this because I was having problems with mice and rats getting into the feed. The first day after I began closing the FEED lid a mouse ran out because of a gap behind the FEED lid (I put a strip of wood to cover it up). I also keep a brick on top of the FILL lid to keep larger rats from getting into it. If I had to do it over I would probably go with a different style.


on June 24, 2016
This thing has a sticker on the box that says “Easy to Assemble.” The Better Business Bureau should go after them for fraud because it’s harder to put together than an IKEA kitchen. It’s not even easy to return – it’s a complex game of tetris to get all the parts back in the box to return the thing!


on April 20, 2016
This feeder is a total wast of time. The instructions aren’t correct, it doesn’t fit together well and it WILL NOT last more than one year, IF that? If I hadn’t tried to “correct” their totally bad design, I would return it. We prop it open in the morning and close it at night for them. Please, do not buy this feeder, you will be sorry.


on August 24, 2015
I got this to keep mice out of the feed, but I have seen mice and moles coming and going out of this feeder. I’ve had to add hardware cloth around all openings to keep them out. Disappointed in this product.


on October 30, 2014
This feeder would probably be fine indoors, but is not durable enough for outside use. The cheap wood product began warping from the heat within the first few days. I was adjusting the tension on the opening mechanism daily just so that my hens could open it on their own. I eventually just placed a brick on the step to hold it open, defeating the purpose of buying this feeder to begin with. The first time that it rained is when I quit using it altogether, as it soaked up water like a sponge, ruining 30lbs of crumble. At some point, I plan to tear it apart and use it as a template to build my own, with better materials.


on March 3, 2016

I’m really disappointed with this feeder. Of course it costs half the price of all the others. The nuts keep falling off the bolts. I’m always fixing it. The step was too slippery for the chickens. The wood is already flaking apart. If it breaks the chickens can’t eat. I would NOT recommend this.


on October 26, 2015
We ordered this with great anticipation that this would allow us freedom and flexibility in regards to feeding our hens. We were sadly disappointed. Luckily I’m a rocket scientist so putting it together was a breeze. (Not!) it was very frustrating that after only a month in the pen, it has broke twice and the cheap laminate is peeling away. So many options…skip this one.



on August 10, 2016
Literally this is garbage. Showed up broken and fell apart further as I attempted to assemble it. I say attempted because no part is labeled and the instructions are like playing pictionary with a five year old.
on June 12, 2015
Fairly easy to put together if you follow the instructions. Item description says its treated wood to help with weather resistance. I put thos feeder outside out of direct rain and wind however after one night of a light drizzle and the outer wood is starting to peel away. Terrible! The description was extremely misleading. I’m going to return it and buy a different brand