Roamwild PestOff Rat Proof Chicken Feeder   

A fine example of consumer gullibility and pretty pictures in marketing

Selling at Amazon for  $59.95

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Oh my goodness, this feeder is amazing only for the fact that they have sold hundreds of them to gullible consumers for nearly $60.00 each.  Imagine having to stick your head down into a shoulder width trash can in order to eat, no light inside, no concern that someone might walk up and boot you in the rear, or if you were a chicken, a predator might gobble you up while your head is in a tube.

There are plenty of examples of home made versions of these bucket feeders posted by flock owners and perhaps if they don’t yet have a rat problem or have vermin proof coops they will fill a need.  But the reviews on this product show that it is a very flawed design, impressive only in the ability for some enterprising soul to cobble together a business selling plastic buckets with  bits of plastic stuck on them to naive people.

It is a plain old plastic bucket but they have added a spiffy angled top on the lid after customer complaints. The lid is very stiff to remove, it gets twice as bad when it is cold outside, and it leaks, allows wild birds and rats to access the feed,  and birds rake feed out on the ground.  It is even excellent at trapping and killing six week old chicks according to a few upset customers.
I can see making one of these things for $5.00 if you were poor and struggling to stop some feed waste, but paying 12 times that?  And yeah, that is a dead six week old chicken in that picture.

The PVC pipes will bloody a rooster’s comb unless you have trimmed him down like a fighting rooster and most roosters have to crouch over to stand a chance of eating.  The caps they provide to plug the PVC pipes at night fall off and the rats will scoop out feed at night.  Over all the complaints about the feeder are that it is poorly engineered and way over priced for being marketed as a professional product.

No Waste Chicken Feeder


As you can see in the picture above chickens can easily rake out feed on the floor.   Another prominent complaint is starving chickens or dead chickens after a few days away from home.  Many flocks simply refuse to stick their head into a deep, dark, hole even if they hand fill the PVC pipes to show the birds where the feed is located.

Another problem is the feeder produces a lot of dust as the chickens are pecking for the food and soon the dust fills up the area below the pipe and new pellets will not flow into the opening.  When the feed gets down to about one third full the pellets stop flowing too.

Reviewers post about rotten food from leaks, crumbles now flowing into the PVC pipes even when the feeder is full, sparrows and squirrels learning to use  the feeder before the chickens figured it out, many complaints about how difficult it is to get the lid off for re filling the feeder, multiple reports of dead chickens either stuck in the feeder holes or hanging by the neck, cracks in the plastic, the handle that you hang it by breaking in a few weeks,  the small feed capacity requiring daily refilling, chickens with their neck feathers worn off,

As a bonus, it even can strangle dogs as this unlucky customer learned.